‘Chex-ing In On You’ Chex Mix Gift & Free Gift Tag Printable

‘Chex-ing In On You’ Chex Mix Gift & Free Gift Tag Printable

Let friends and family know you are thinking of them by leaving this “Chex-ing in on you” Chex Mix gift on their doorstep.

This thoughtful gift takes mere minutes to make but leaves a lasting impression. Take the easy way out and use a bag of your favorite Chex-brand snack mix or whip-up a homemade batch.

chex mix gift

Trying Times

As I write this post, Covid-19 is spreading like wildfire across the U.S. I don’t need to tell you these are try times for everyone. The panic and fear gripping the nation – and the world as a whole – is leaving so many feeling anxious and helpless.

In response to those feelings, I decided to create a series of easy gifts to spread joy and hope, let our loved ones know we are still thinking of them even if we are not physically present, and say “thank you” to the every-day Americans making life better as best they can.

Looking back now, I started this series long before Covid-19 began to run rampant when I shared my Joy Jar gift and my ever popular Little Bag of Sunshine and equally beloved Little Box of Sunshine.

These gift ideas were so well received, I decided to make a whole series of TEN easy and thoughtful gifts that can be made quickly at home without many supplies and while keeping the spread of the virus at a minimum.

Just Do It

I know a lot of people right now are feeling helpless, overwhelmed and anxious. They don’t know quite what to do or say. But let me tell you, doing something – no matter how small – is so much better than doing nothing!

Maybe you aren’t a medical professional or your job isn’t deemed a “necessity.” Maybe you can’t sew or don’t have access to supplies to make face masks. BUT, maybe you CAN say ‘thank you’ or ‘I’m thinking of you’ to those who are. That’s where this gift comes in.

This Chex Mix gift is so great because it is a little gesture anyone can do and requires a minimal amount of effort. The next time you are at the store, grab a bag of your favorite flavor of Chex Mix, print off my free “Chex-ing in on you” gift tag, tie it on and leave it on your friends and family’s doorstep to be enjoyed.

Chex mix gift

Looking to the Future

So I know I’m talking a lot about Covid-19, but the truth is this super thoughtful Chex Mix gift is something you could drop off on someone’s front porch even when we aren’t dealing with a pandemic.

Seriously, this gift is a great smile-inducing gift any time of year!

I’d give this gift for tons of different every day occasions:

>> starting a new job <<

<< recovering from surgery >>

>> welcoming a new baby home <<

<< bereavement >>

>> get well soon <<

<< simply losing touch with someone >>

What else would you use this Chex Mix gift for?

chex mix gift

Substitute Your Favorite Homemade Snack Mix!

When the Coronavirus epidemic is over (I just can’t wait for that day!), I’ll likely use my favorite homemade Chex Mix recipe. It’s the best and tastes soooo much better than the version in the grocery store.

I’ll be sure to share my recipe with you all soon!

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chex mix gift

Make Your Own “Chex-ing In On You” Chex Mix Gift!

Back to the matter at hand, here is how I made this super quick Chex Mix gift, including my FREE “Chex-ing in on you” gift tag:

>> Step 1: Grab your favorite Chex Mix variety at your grocery store <<

For this particular gift, I used the Indulgent Turtle flavor Chex Mix. Something sweet is always a good idea!

<< Step 2: Print my FREE “Chex-ing in on you” gift tag to cardstock >>

Download my “Chex-ing In On You” gift tag for FREE here and print it using a home printer. I recommend using cardstock for the best results.

>> Step 3: Sign your name to the bottom of the tag <<

Add your John Hancock to the space at the bottom of the tag so your recipient knows who is thinking of them.

<< Step 4: Trim the tag to the desired size >>

For the gift tag pictured, I trimmed the cardstock to 2″ by 2″. If you use a family-sized bag of Chex Mix, you may want to make a larger tag.

>> Step 5: Add hole punches to both the tag and the seam of the Chex Mix bag >>

I lined the tag up with the top of the seam of the Chex Mix bag and punched two holes. Make sure you are only punching holes through the sealed seam so you don’t inadvertently poke a hole in the bag.

<< Step 6: Thread a ribbon through the holes and tie a bow >>

Next, you’ll want to thread ribbon through the holes in the bag and the tag and tie a pretty bow. Done! Well, almost – you technically still have to:

>> Step 7: Deliver Your Chex Mix gift to your loved one(s)! <<

So what do you think? How easy is this gift? I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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