‘Retail Therapy’ Free Printable Gift Card Holder for Christmas

‘Retail Therapy’ Free Printable Gift Card Holder for Christmas

Stop stressing & turn a generic gift card into a thoughtful holiday gift with my FREE ‘Retail Therapy’ printable gift card holder for Christmas

You don’t have to be 100% original when finding the perfect gift for everyone on your Christmas list. You don’t need to assemble elaborate gift baskets or personalized gift boxes.

A gift card is good enough. Yep, I said it and I’ll say it again…A GIFT CARD IS GOOD ENOUGH!

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Is it okay to give gift cards for Christmas?

Girl, it is definitely okay to give a gift card at Christmas.

Christmas shopping can be daunting, especially when you’re trying to brainstorm gift ideas for the hardest people on your list.

And even if you’ve used my 3 holiday shopping hacks, sometimes the gift ideas just won’t flow.

But, when you know the person you are shopping for, you know deep down what they really want. And sometimes, it’s a gift card.

"Retail Therapy While Home for the Holidays" gift card holder printable with paper trimmer

I know what you might be thinking: but Natalie, you’re the gift guru, how can you just pick up a last-minute gift card and call it a day?

Aren’t you supposed to put more effort into thoughtful gifts? Well, yes and no.

Just because gift cards are easy doesn’t mean they’re not a great gift! Plus, I like to dress them up a bit — enter my free ‘retail therapy’ gift card holder download!

Who would want a gift card for Christmas?

Honestly? Just about everyone!

hands writing a note on a Christmas card

Sometimes it’s just so nice to let the recipient pick out what they would truly want and need. But if you are on the fence about giving a gift card, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you know them well enough to pick something out for them?
  • Are they super particular?
  • Do they hate clutter?
  • Are the control freaks?
  • Do they love supporting small businesses and interacting with specialty shop owners?
  • Do they need an excuse to 1) get out of the house alone and/or 2) spend money on themselves for once?

If you answer ‘yes’ to any of the questions above, there is a good chance that a gift card is the perfect gift to give!

'Retail Therapy' Holiday Gift Card Holder Free Printable

How do I make a gift card holder?

It is beyond easy to make this free ‘retail therapy’ printable gift card holder for your next Christmas gift. All you need to do is:

STEP 1: Gather your supplies

You’ll only need a few supplies to make this Retail Therapy gift card holder:

supplies list for making a holiday gift card holder

STEP 2: Grab a gift card

The next time you’re out and about, pick up a gift card you know your recipient would love. In my case, I went with Homegoods, but you could just as easily support a small business in your community. It’s up to you!

STEP 3: Download & Print my free holiday gift card holder

All you need to do is download and save this free gift card holder to your computer. Print it in color on white cardstock. Easy-peasy, right?

hands cutting a gift card holder printable

STEP 4: Trim & Personalize

Grab a pair of scissors or bust out a paper cutter and cut it to 5″x7″. Attach the gift card in the center of the gold box with a small piece of double-sided tape.

Add a personalized note at the bottom and you’re done!

STEP 5: Give this gift and wait for smiles

It could not be easier!

For even more information all of my favorite DIY gift wrapping supplies, check out my full post here!

Gift Tag Supply Must-Haves: cardstock, hole punch, scissors, stapler and ribbon

How can I personalize this free gift card holder for Christmas?

You can get as creative as you want (or don’t want) when it comes to personalizing this free printable gift card holder for Christmas. It’s perfect as-is straight from the printer, but the sky is the limit when it comes to personalizing it.

Like I always preach, it’s all about the recipient!

If I am planning this gift for a teacher or coach, I like to fold it in half and have my kids decorate the outside with holiday stickers and/or holiday stamps.

Or if I’m giving this gift card holder to a family friend, I might add a hand-written note at the bottom and tuck it into our Christmas card envelope. Get creative! I’d love to hear what you’re doing to make these printables your own!

For more gift wrap and gift card personalization inspiration, jump over to this post for more information!

Winter Kraft Paper Gift Wrap Inspiration

What are the best gift cards to give at Christmas?

Which gift card you select totally depends on your recipient, but my favorite gift cards to give at Christmas include small businesses (like butchers, boutiques, coffee roasters and restaurants) and classic fan favorites* (like Homegoods, Target, and Amazon).

"Retail Therapy While Home for the Holidays" gift card holder

** Please don’t hate that I included retail giants on this list. Like I said, it’s all about knowing your person. Some recipients just want their nonfat skinny vanilla latte – and that’s okay – while others would appreciate trying the new pop-up coffee roaster down the street.

As long as you select a gift card with the recipient in mind, it’s a thoughtful gift. No judgement here!

Additional Christmas gift inspiration if gift cards aren’t for you:

I totally get it if you just can’t pull the trigger on a gift card. If you’re still feeling stuck, here are my favorite Christmas-themed gifts that will get your creative juices flowing just in time for the holidays:

For more information, click on the links above (or any of the photos below) to be taken to the full post with all the details! Happy gifting!


If you use my gift card holder printable this holiday season, I’d love to hear what you think of it! Tag me on Instagram or shoot me an email!


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