Free Donut Gift Tag Printable for ‘Thinking of You’ Gifts

Free Donut Gift Tag Printable for ‘Thinking of You’ Gifts

What is better than the first bite of a sweet, airy donut fresh out of the oven? I’d venture to guess that a whole box of donuts materializing out of the blue might edge out that first luscious bite.

That said, surprise your loved ones with a ‘thinking of you’ gift that is both easy and delicious. Grab your recipients’ favorite donut varieties, box them up and add my FREE donut drop gift tag for a thoughtful gift!

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box of donuts and a 'Donut drop! Because we miss you a lot' gift tag

My Porch Present Obsession

To say I’m obsessed with ‘porch presents‘ is an understatement. I love leaving goodies on the doorsteps of friends, family and neighbors for no other reason than to let them know I’m thinking of them.

With Coronavirus still wreaking havoc, these porch presents are a perfect way to connect. You’re respecting social distancing guidelines while still showing how much you care.

I’ll be the first to say I can’t wait to get back to normal life, but until then, I’ll be taking porch presents to a whole new level.

Care to join me?

In addition to this donut gift, my favorite porch presents as of late are:

1 | Slices of apple pie AND my ‘An apple a day keeps Coronavirus away’ gift tags

2 | Bags of Chex-mix AND my ‘Chex-ing In on You’ gift tags

3 | Bags of my favorite popcorn AND my ‘Popping by’ gift tags

4 | A bottle of red wine, a bag of dark roast coffee or an assortment of dark chocolate AND my ‘Shot in the dark’ gift tag

5 | My favorite swizzle sticks AND my ‘stir-crazy’ gift tag

6 | Sheets of bubble wrap AND my ‘Pop for Instant Stress Relief’ gift tags

7 | Instant Iced Coffee ‘Pick-Me-Up’ Gifts

8 | DIY Joy Jars AND instruction gift tags

9 | Little Bags of Sunshine

10 | Little Boxes of Sunshine

11 | Orange-themed gift baskets AND ‘Orange you glad it’s summer’ gift tags

12 | Bottles of Wine AND my ‘You’ve got this!” gift tags

girl holding box of donuts with a gift tag "Donut drop! Because we miss you a lot"

Quick, Easy & Personalized (The Ultimate Gift Combo!)

But back to the matter at hand: DONUTS!

I love making these donut drops – especially on quite Sunday mornings right after the bakery opens. The donuts are still warm, the glaze is still gooey and the yeasty smell of fresh baked donuts is nothing short of heavenly.

I literally swing by the bakery, pick up the recipient’s favorite flavors, and tie on a gift tag. Yep, it’s really that easy to make someone’s day!

free gift tag download for a 'Donut drop! Because we miss you a lot' gift

Download my FREE Donut Gift Tag Printable

As I just said, this donut drop porch present is as easy as printing my donut gift tag and tying them on. So, you’ll need:

Your favorite donuts | My FREE Donut Gift Tag | Baker’s Twine (or ribbon) | White Cardstock | Scissors | Hole Punch | A Home Printer

BUT if you want to buy a baker’s dozen and divide the donuts into smaller boxes, check out my favorite brown pastry boxes (which fit about 4 donuts each).

Other ‘Just Because / Thinking of You’ Gifts

If you love the concept of this donut gift, check out this whole post dedicated to thoughtful ‘just because’ gifts – each with its own free printable gift tag!

neighbor gifts

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More later! The craft room is calling, and I must go…


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