Spoil Mom with Any of These DIY Gift Basket Ideas

Spoil Mom with Any of These DIY Gift Basket Ideas

From Mother’s Day to birthdays to Christmas, spoil the mom in your life with any one of these DIY gift baskets. Each of these gift basket ideas for mom is customizable, and today’s post includes tons of inspiration for creating the perfect gift for your mom.

gift baskets for mom

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DIY Mother’s Day Gift Baskets

Spring Gardening Gift Basket for Mom

gardening gift basket

If your mom loves to get out in the fresh air and dig in the dirt, this is the perfect springtime gift basket for her! Fill a wicker basket with gardening gloves, gardening tools, seed packets and garden markers, and compostable seedling pots and watch your recipient’s eyes light up!

The beauty of this gardening gift basket is its versatility. You could also assemble it for a spring birthday gift, housewarming gift, teacher gift, or ‘just-because’ gift.

Relaxation Gift Basket for Mom

relaxation gift basket for mom

What mom couldn’t use a little relaxation? I’ve yet to find one!

I love this relaxation-themed gift basket for moms because it’s so easy to customize based on your mom’s preferences. My go-to items to include are: mom-themed books or magazines, lotions, sunglasses, bubble bath or bath bombs and of course…wine.

Like so many basket ideas listed in the post, this gift of relaxation is great for so many occasions – including the first day of school!

Basket of Mimosas for Mom

basket of mimosas

Help your favorite mom celebrate Mother’s Day, Galentine’s Day, or the first day of school with my super easy and always appreciated mimosa kit gift baskets. While you’re at it, print my free “Mom-osa for one” gift tag for the perfect finishing touch.

Cheerful ‘Box of Sunshine’ for Mom

woman's hands holding a box with yellow mittens, Ghirardelli chocolates, yellow lotion, Good Morning Beautiful towels, yellow "love" box and a note saying "Little Box of Sunshine"

This Little Box of Sunshine is the perfect way to brighten mom’s day. I love giving this gift basket as a ‘just because’ gift, but it’s also great for nearly any holiday or special occasion.

There are no limitations to the items you can tuck inside a little box of sunshine — so long as they are a bright, cheerful color (I usually stick to yellow). For all the details for creating and customizing your own, head over to my full tutorial here.

Hostess Gift Basket for Mother’s Day Brunch

Leftover station hostess gift basket with free sign download by Natalie Menke

If you’re mom loves to be the hostess for dinner parties, Christmas dinner or Mother’s Day brunch, consider bringing this thoughtful leftover gift basket to help with after-meal clean-up. To assemble your own hostess gift, add your favorite to-go containers, labels, and a Sharpie to a wicker basket. Attach my free downloadable “grab some leftover to go” banner and you’re done!

DIY Christmas Gift Basket for Mom

Hot Toddy Gift Basket for Mom

hot toddy gift basket with Jameson whiskey, honey, lemons and tea

Does your mom love a little splash of whiskey in her tea? Yep, mine does too. So this Hot Toddy gift basket is a great way to help mom relax and celebrate on Christmas morning.

This gift is as easy to assemble as it is to consume. Grab a pretty basket or crate and fill it with mom’s favorite tea, honey & lemons, cute ceramic mugs, and a nice bottle of whiskey. Print my free hot toddy recipe card for the finishing touch and you’re done!

Christmas Movie Themed Gift Basket Fillers for Mom

Christmas movie themed Christmas gifts collage

For a quick and easy Christmas movie themed gift basket for mom, consider any of these basket fillers from my favorite Etsy shops!

1. Christmas movie watching blanket | 2. personalized Christmas movie mugs | 3. Christmas movie socks | 4. Christmas popcorn bowls | 5. personalized Christmas movie pajama sets | 6. Christmas movie bingo!

Rest & Relax Holiday Gift Basket Fillers for Mom

Houseguest rest and relax welcome gifts collage

What mom couldn’t use a little rest and relaxation during the holiday season? Grab a gift basket and fill it with any of these naptime-themed holiday gift basket fillers from these awesome Etsy shops:

1. holiday naptime pillow | 2. naptime eye masks | 3. seasonal scented lotion for relaxation | 4. holiday scented candle | 5. cozy naptime sweatshirt | 6. ear plugs | 7. ‘All I want for Christmas’ mug | 8. ‘Long Winter’s Nap’ gift tag | 9. naptime socks

Cookie-making themed Christmas gifts

Does your mom live in the kitchen during the holidays season? If your mom loves to bake Christmas cookies, consider filling a gift basket with some of these cute holiday treats:

1. personalized aprons for adults | 2. aprons for kids | 3. personalized pot holders | 4. rolling pins | 5. Christmas cookie cutters | 6. Christmas-themed measuring spoons | 7. personalized tins for baked goods

Impressive Gift Basket Tips for Mom

Epic Lists of Items to Put in a Gift Basket for Mom

If you are looking to create a custom gift basket for mom, there is no shortage of inspiration here! If my examples of gift baskets aren’t exactly what you are looking for when it comes to spoiling mom, consider creating you own. Here are a bunch of idea for what to include:

DIY Fillers for a Gift Basket for Mom

When it comes to creating your own DIY gift basket for mom, I love including handmade items inside the basket. Here are a few of my favorite DIY items for mom:

Custom Notebooks for Mom

Pink notebook with the text “You can run you can hide, but you can’t escape my love.” - Mommy

If your mom is anything like mine, she makes tons of to-do lists (and honey-do lists for my dad). I guess the apple doesn’t fall too far from that tree if you were to ask my husband…

Anyway, my mom goes through scrap paper at alarming speed, so I like to make cute little custom notebooks for her with the help of my Cricut.

DIY Seed Packets for Mom

How to make DIY seed packets using your Cricut and sewing machine via the tutorial at www.nataliemenke.com

If your mom loves to garden, she’ll be impressed by homemade seed packets. They are super quick to put together and are customizable based on climate and preferences. Mom will love these!

Homemade Sweet Treats for Mom

woman holding a heart-shaped tin of Valentine's Day chocolate candy

What mom doesn’t like chocolate? Consider stuffing your gift basket with homemade sweet treats she’s sure to love. Bust out the family recipes and select her favorite(s). Or if you are looking for something new to try, my easy favorite heavenly hash recipe is a winner!

Instant Chai Tea Mix

chai tea latte mason jar gift with gift tag and 'tea-riffic' lid cover

If your mom is a tea drinker, consider including tea cups, specialty tea bags or a decadent instant chai mix like this one in your gift basket for mom. Or better yet, create a tea-themed gift basket for mom using all my tips here!

Instant Iced Coffee Drink Mix

iced coffee in a mason jar gift

If your mama is a craves a good cup of joe, include locally roasted coffee beans or a delicious instant iced coffee mix in your gift basket for mom. Grab my printables and check-out my favorite instant iced coffee brand — along with tons of other coffee-themed gifts here!

A Joy Jar

Marble “Joy Jar” with instructions for making your own tied on with a purple ribbon

Creating a meaningful gift for mom is as easy as grabbing a jar, some pretty ribbon, and my free Joy Jar printable. Tuck a Joy Jar into a gift basket for mom and start a new family tradition.

If you’re asking yourself “and just what is a Joy Jar?” — check out my full explanation here!

Personalized Drinkware

Make this Cheerful Fight Like A Girl Tumbler - the perfect pick-me-up gift - using the complete Cricut tutorial at www.nataliemenke.com

My mom is one tough mother. I’m willing to bet your mom is too. Even the most timid and affectionate mothers probably had to fight like hell to raise you at one point or another. That’s why I love this personalized ‘fight like a girl’ tumbler.

Grab my free guide for creating your own with the help of a Cricut here.

‘Reasons Why I Love You’ Notes

black and white polka dot box filled with 40 reasons we love you

Are you looking for a meaningful and heartfelt gift for your mom? A truly unique gift for the special mom in your life is as easy as grabbing a pen and making a list of all the reasons why you love her.

My full ‘reasons I love you’ post includes an exhaustive list of sample reasons to give you some inspiration and numerous examples of how to package your list to make a memorable keepsake gift for mom’s birthday or Mother’s Day.

Handcrafted Printable Bookmarks for Mom

stack of books and "Mom, you're the best" bookmark

If your mom is a bookworm, consider including a handmade bookmark in a book-themed gift basket for her. Don’t worry; there’s no need to design one from scratch. Just download my free bookmark, print it out and add a cute tassel. Did I mention it’s free?

Personalized Holiday Chalkboard for Mom

double-sided holiday chalkboard signs

If you want to take-on a DIY project to include in a holiday gift basket for mom, consider my double-sided chalkboard sign. This quick & easy Cricut project is versatile and festive and can be kept on display all season long!

No time for DIY? No problem!

I get it…not everyone has time to put together DIY items to include in a gift basket for mom.

So don’t worry – I’ve included my favorite store-bought items that will surprise and delight your mom, guaranteed!

My Favorite Books for Mom

"Bad Girls Throughout History" book with tassel bookmark and stack of books in the background

Jump over to my full post for all of my favorite book-related gifts for moms or browse my go-to titles on Amazon: Bad Girls Throughout History by Ann Shen | Toddlers are A**holes {It’s Not Your Fault} by Bunmi Laditan | The Fireside Grown-up Guide to the Mom | Breathe, Mama, Breathe by Shonda Moralis & Breathe Empower Achieve by Shonda Moralis | Present Over Perfect by Shauna Niequist

A Nice Bottle of Wine

Whether your mom prefers a nice red, crisp white or trendy Rose, you can’t go wrong with wine. If you want to take it up a notch, consider tying on one of my free gift tags.

Her Favorite Sweet Treats from a Local Bakery

box of donuts

I don’t know about you and your mom, but I get my love of sweets from my mama. This apple did not fall far from the tree. I know it’s always a safe bet to include my mom’s favorite sweet treats from our local bakery if I’m putting together a Mother’s Day or birthday gift basket for her.

Her Favorite Local Specialty Foods

popcorn gift with 'popping by to say hello. We miss you so!' gift tag

Does your mom have a favorite specialty food shop in town (or online)? My mom has a favorite popcorn shop downtown (one of the few perks of living in our small town). So I love to throw in a bag of her favorite cheese corn for a little salty snack.

I’ve also included jars of local honey, cheeses and spice blends, and they’ve always been a hit as well!

Fun Bar Accessories or Tools

swizzle sticks, mini liquor bottle and "stir crazy" gift tag with ribbons

Grab mom some fun new bar accessories and/or tools for her next gift basket. If mom likes a mixed drink, consider fun swizzle sticks. If she prefers a wine, perhaps a new decanter is more appropriate. The point is, new bar tools and accessories is always fun and highly personalized!

Gift Cards

"Retail Therapy While Home for the Holidays" gift card holder

Last but not least…gift cards. If you just don’t know what else to get, consider adding a gift card to further personalize a gift basket! Need one for Christmas? Grab my free holiday gift card holder printable here!

Check Out My Amazon Storefront for More Inspiration

If these ideas aren’t quite right for your mom, there’s more! Check out my Amazon Storefront for even more ideas and brand that I love and trust.

Screenshot of Gifts for Her at an Amazon Storefront

Did I miss anything?

I’d love to hear about any other ideas you’d like me to add to this post! Tell me all about it!

Or if you make any of these gift baskets for your mom, leave me a comment below or tag me on Instagram!

If you need help creating a custom gift…

Please REACH OUT TO MEI’d love to help!

More later! The craft room is calling, and I must go…

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