Easy Tips for Assembling a Perfect Spring Gardening Gift Basket

Easy Tips for Assembling a Perfect Spring Gardening Gift Basket

Spoil the green thumb in your life by creating a customized spring gardening gift basket – just in time for Mother’s Day and Earth Day – using these tips, tricks & inspiration!

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Spring is in the Air!

Something happened this morning. Something marvelous and wonderful: I was woken up at the crack of dawn!

(Stay with me here, I promise I’m not a lunatic).

I woke up to a magnificent sound. For once, it was not the shouts of my three-year-old down the hall demanding to come out of his room for the day or the hungry cries of my baby insisting that I hurry with her first bottle of the day.

gardening gift basket

No, it was a glorious noise. A noise that crept into my dream and gently nudged me awake.

It was the birds!

The birds are back with all their maniacal chirping! In a few days, I’ll find this noise annoying at 5am, but not today. Today their melodies mean one thing to me – SPRING! It’s here, and I couldn’t be more excited!

When to Give a Gardening Gift Basket

In honor of the changing of the seasons, I just had to share the perfect spring gift, which I plan to give my gardening-loving mom and mother-in-law for Mother’s Day. The beauty of this gardening gift basket is its versatility. You could also assemble it for a spring birthday gift, housewarming gift, hostess gift, teacher gift, or ‘just-because’ gift.

Duplicate My Gardening Gift Basket

Here’s what I included in my gardening gift basket to get your creative juices flowing. I’ve tried to include the exact items I used for my basket, but in some out-of-stock cases, I’ve found some items that are pretty close.

The Gift Basket Supplies I Used

gardening gift basket

How to Assemble My Gardening Gift Basket

I typically approach assembling a gift basket like I would potting a plant (totally fitting for this post, right?)

First, you start with the “pot” itself — in my case a wicker basket.

Then comes the THRILLER, the FILLER and the SPILLER:

MY THRILLER: The most impressive part of the gift basket for me was the personalized handmade seed envelopes. Those went front and center.

My FILLER: Next came the filler — the extra little items in the basket. I chose to arrange the peat pots, gardening gloves, hand trowel and dandelion digger, and garden markers around the handmade seed envelopes.

MY SPILLER: Last but not least, I added a hand towel that sort of “spilled” out of the basket and propped-up my gift basket items.

Personalize Your Own Gardening Gift Basket

What can I use instead of a basket for a gardening gift basket?

Of course wicker and wire baskets always work as the base of a gift basket, but why not go all-in on the gardening theme? Below is an extensive list of gardening items that could take the place of a basket for your gift. Let me know if you us any of these as a starting-point for your gardening gift basket!

Harvest Baskets | Garden Hods | Market Baskets | Metal Gardening Trugs | Colander Baskets and Trugs

Wooden Peck Baskets | Pint Berry Baskets (wooden, biodegradable or ceramic) | Wire Egg Baskets | Compost Bins

Watering Cans | Window Boxes | Hanging Planters | Flower Pots | Galvanized Planters | Galvanized Garden Caddies

Garden Tool Totes | Compost/Dirt Sifters | Plant Terrariums | Extra-Large Canning Jars | Root Vegetable Storage Bins

Bird Baths | Wide-brimmed Gardening Hats (turned upside-down) | Reusable Canvas Tote Bags | Eco-friendly & Vegan Trays | Garden-themed Mugs

What can I put in a gardening gift basket?

My Amazon Storefront Wish List for Gardening Gadgets

When brainstorming the perfect gift, I always add ideas to my Amazon Storefront – a place you can frequent to get my latest gift inspiration!

Here are some of the items I’ve recently added to my Green Gifts list – items you can easily add to this gardening gift basket just in time for spring, Earth Day and/or Mother’s Day!

gardening accessories

More Spring DIY Gift Projects

As I just said, this gardening gift basket is perfect for giving as an Earth Day gift. But if you want more Earth Day gift inspiration, or if you are giving this gift to a child, considering some of these Earth Day themed t-shirt projects or any of my favorite nature books and toys!

Click on any of these images below to check out the posts for complete details!

So that’s it for today, guys! I’d love to hear your thoughts on any of these items and my gardening gift basket in general!

Do you need additional gift inspiration?

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More later! The craft room is calling, and I must go…

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