Christmas Simplified: 3 Surprising Holiday Shopping Hacks

Christmas Simplified: 3 Surprising Holiday Shopping Hacks

After trying these 3 surprising holiday shopping hacks, you will have tons of ideas at your fingertips way before Thanksgiving dinner is on the table and the stores are open for Black Friday. These easy-to-implement habits will keep track of gifts ideas for literally everyone on your list.

Are you dreading the stress of holiday shopping season? Is the number of hard-to-shop-for people on your list growing longer with each passing year? Come December, do you find yourself asking “Where do I even start?”? 

Then girl, this is gonna blow your mind.

If you already shop on Amazon, have time to scroll Instragram and/or own a smart phone, these ways of organizing your holiday shopping list and keeping track of the perfect gift for each recipient are for you! I guarantee you will end up with an inspiration stockpile to choose from at a moment’s notice.

So without further delay, here are my…

3 Holiday Shopping Hacks

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Let’s make holiday shopping as painless as possible. Cross the most important people off of your holiday shopping list in mere minutes by using any (or all) of my 3 gift-giving hacks:

Christmas gift with the words "3 surprising holiday shopping hacks"

Holiday Shopping Hack #1: Amazon Lists

It shouldn’t be any surprise that Amazon makes it pretty easy to shop. But did you know that their lists feature can be used to organize ideas for each recipient you are shopping for? (given that these ideas are products sold by Amazon – more on that in Tip #3).

Here’s how to do it:

Amazon Lists Hack

STEP 1 – Using your smartphone, open the Amazon app and click on “your lists”. In the upper right corner, click on “+ Create a List.”

STEP 2 – Enter a name for your list.

**Gift Guru Tip: Use the names of your recipients (ie: Mom, Dad, Niece & Nephews, etc) or make lists by occasion (ie: Christmas, Wedding Gifts, New House/Housewarming, etc).**

STEP 3 – Add individual items from Amazon by clicking on “add to list” (usually found under the “add to cart” button) and selecting which list you want to save it to.

Refer to these lists whenever you need gift inspiration for each person on your list!

happy child and hands holding a Christmas gift with the words "perfect Christmas gifts with less stress"

Holiday Shopping Hack #2: Instagram Collections

If you have time to mindlessly scroll Instagram, than this hack is for you.

You know how Instagram ads have become crazy targeted lately? (Or am I the only one that merely thinks of a product and a targeted ad pops-up for it?)

Use Instagram’s algorithm to your advantage and actually consider some of the items they send your way.

I can’t tell you how many times I see an ad and instantly think of someone who would really like it. So what I started doing is 1) bookmarking interesting gift ideas and 2) saving them in my Collections

Here’s what that looks like:

Instagram collections screen shots

STEP 1 – When something catches your eye on Instagram, go ahead and tap the bookmark symbol so you can come back to it later.

STEP 2 – To reference these bookmarked items later and organize them by recipient or occasion, go to your account profile and click on the hamburger (the three dashes on top of one another) in the top right of your account. And then click on the “saved” section.

STEP 3 – You’ll be taken to a screen with “all posts.” You’ll want to hit the plus sign on the top right to create a new collection. This is where you can organize your bookmarked posts by recipient or occasion. Give the collection a name like “gifts for dad” or “gift ideas”. Then click “next.”

STEP 4 – You can then select from all of your bookmarked posts to save to your collection. Click “done!”

You can now refer to these collections prior to Christmas, birthdays or any other occasion – heck – maybe even a Christmas birthday

wrapped Christmas gifts

Holiday Shopping Hack #3: Lists on Your Smartphone 

This may seem very basic, but don’t overlook the notes feature on your phone! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen a billboard or a featured product on a morning show and thought it would make a perfect gift for someone in particular down the line.

iphone notes

It takes 2 seconds to open a fresh note and give yourself a reminder for the upcoming holiday season. Or, if you are a like me, I have a whole list of notes organized by recipients. 

These lists come in handy for experiential gifts or gift certificates or other items not sold on Amazon (see Tip #1).

Easy peasy, right?!

You do not need to wrack your brain and stress over last-minute holiday shopping. Start now using any (or all!) of the three options above and enjoy a stress-free holiday shopping season! 


So now that I shared my 3 favorite ways for making holiday shopping easy, do you have a hack to share? 

Shoot me an email and let me know the methods you use to keep your gift list organized. I’d love to hear!


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More later! The craft room is calling, and I must go…


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