The Ultimate Guide: How to Celebrate a Christmas Birthday

The Ultimate Guide: How to Celebrate a Christmas Birthday

Making someone with a Christmas birthday feel special is easier than you may think. As the mom of a Christmas baby – and a Christmas Eve baby myself – I’m sharing exactly how to celebrate a Christmas birthday.

how to celebrate a Christmas birthday: sprinkle cinnamon rolls, birthday chair, birthday tree, birthday stocking and birthday ornament

For quick reference, I’ve even included this handy Table of Contents. I have quite a lot to cover, so bare with me!

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A Kneejerk Reaction: Christmas Birthday are the BEST!

A girlfriend of mine recently found out she’s pregnant with a baby due in December. My kneejerk reaction was “OHHH! How fun! December babies are the best!”

Even though my friend knows my birthday is Christmas Eve and my daughter’s is Christmas Day, she thought I was gushing about December birthdays just to be nice.

Nope! Not at all!

I whole-heartedly believe December birthdays are the absolute best!

My friend started asking for all the tips I had for making a December birthday special. Pretty soon she needed a pencil and paper to jot-down ideas, and I realized… if she needed a list to refer to, so many others might want some inspiration as well.

So this Ultimate Guide: How to Celebrate a Christmas Birthday was born!

What is it like to have your birthday on a Christmas?

I get asked all the time – Wasn’t your birthday overshadowed by Christmas? It’s not what you might think. I absolutely LOVE having a birthday on Christmas Eve.

Don’t believe me? There are some really great benefits to having a Christmas birthday. How many people with a regular birthday can say:

I never had to go to school on my birthday.

– A Christmas Baby

I never have to work on my birthday.


I always see my entire extended family on my birthday, and they’re always eager to make it special.


Most people actually remember to wish me a happy birthday (as opposed to some random day with no association).

– A Christmas baby

Sure, there are some inconveniences when celebrating a Christmas birthday, but they’re pretty minor.

Did people try to combine birthday and Christmas gifts? Yes.

Did people wrap my birthday gifts in Christmas wrapping paper? Also yes.

Did people forget your birthday all the time? Actually, no. It was quite the opposite.

I found that most people actually remembered my birthday because it was associated with Christmas.

But honestly, those are some first-world problems right there.

Most people who tried to combine my birthday and Christmas gifts actually got me bigger gifts than I would have gotten otherwise. And when you’re little, who really cares how the gift is wrapped? Am I right? IT’S STILL A GIFT!

How do I make a Christmas birthday special?

There are tons of ways to make someone with a Christmas birthday feel special. TONS! Here are some easy ways to make a Christmas baby (or any holiday baby) feel the love:

Get Creative With Your Gift Wrapping for a Christmas Birthday

When celebrating a Christmas birthday you really, REALLY do not want to show up with a gift wrapped in Christmas wrapping paper. Nothing screams “I forgot your birthday and this is the only wrapping paper I have on hand” quite like it.

I know, I know. The holidays are hectic and you really may not have time to run out for a roll of birthday wrapping paper. So do what I do! Try to have a roll of brown kraft paper on-hand for such occasions.

Brown kraft paper is so versatile. You can customize it a hundred different ways, and it always turns out adorable.

Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing when it comes to wrapping birthday gifts in kraft paper. Click on any of the images below to be taken to the full post with all the details.

If you want to use the exact items I use, check out my tried-and-true gift wrapping supplies:

Favorite Gift Wrapping Supplies: kraft boxes, kraft gift bags, cellophane bags, twine, double-sided tape, gift wrap cutter, scissors, kraft paper

1. Kraft Paperboard Popup Window Box – Pack of 10 | 2. Kraft 8×10.5″ Gift Bags | 3. Clear Cellophane Bags | 4. Natural Jute Twine | 5. Double-sided Tape | 6. The Elf Gift Wrap Cutter | 7. Scissors | 8. Kraft Paper

Make DIY Gifts for a Christmas Birthday

When you add a DIY element to a gift, you’re saying “I took the time out of my busy life to focus on you and you alone in order to make something I know you’ll love.”

Making a handmade gift shows how how much you care. This feeling is only amplified during a hectic holiday season. You took the time = love in my book!

You don’t have to be super creative to create a handmade gift. It can be as simple as assembling a gift basket, baking a cake or creating a birthday treasure hunt. Luckily for you – I can help you with all three, plus more!

Some of my favorite DIY gifts for Christmas Birthdays for both adults and kids include:

favorite DIY birthday gifts: gift baskets, personalized gifts and treasure hunts

1. Homemade Cakes! | 2. Hot Toddy Gift Basket | 3. Little Box of Sunshine | 4. Relaxation Gift Basket | 5. Grilling Gift Basket |
6. Themed Shirt & Book Sets | 7. Birthday Treasure Hunts

Give an Experiential Gift for a Christmas Birthday

Most people – especially kids – are inundated with “things” as gifts around the holidays. Throw in a birthday on top of that, and watch the flood-gates open. It can get very overwhelming very fast.

I always liked receiving experiential gifts – or gifts you can do – especially if they’re for activities or trips the following year, say during the summer months.

Some great experiential gifts for a Christmas birthday include:

favorite gift experiences for birthdays: tickets, breakfast in bed, spa, cooking class and tarot cards

1. sporting event/theater tickets | 2. day trips or a staycation| 3. gift certificates for the spa or favorite restaurants | 4. cooking classes | 5. tarot card, palm or psychic readings

Commemorate Each Year With a Birthday Ornament

Each year I like to celebrate my daughter’s Christmas birthday by including an ornament with her birthday gifts.

Christmas birthday tradition: birthday Christmas ornaments

Her birthday ornament represents her favorite thing that year.

For example, one year she got an ice cream cone ornament (her favorite dessert that year); one year it was Clifford the Big Red Dog (her favorite cartoon at the time); and the very first year I did it, it was a ‘first birthday’ ornament.

**I make sure to add the year it was given – with the help of a permanent Sharpie – somewhere on the bottom of the ornament if it’s not already included in the design.

How do people born on Christmas celebrate their birthdays?

I can only vouch for the way my parents celebrated my Christmas Eve birthday growing up and for the ways I plan to celebrate my daughter’s Christmas birthday. That said, these Christmas birthday ideas are perfect for starting your own December birthday traditions.

Designate an area away from the Christmas tree to open birthday gifts

I find it helpful to create an area with a special “birthday chair” where the birthday boy or girl can sit to open gifts and blow out the candles.

Even if the rest of the room (or house for that matter) is decorated for Christmas, a designated birthday chair creates a designated birthday space.

You can simply add a banner to the back of a chair, attach balloons or drape a birthday sash over the back.

Here are some of my favorite birthday chairs (aka birthday thrones) I’ve seen on Pinterest:

birthday chairs (aka birthday throne) inspiration: chair covers

  1. | 2. | 3.

Decorate a ‘Birthday Tree’

Along the same lines as a designated birthday chair, start a December birthday tradition and put up a ‘birthday tree’ alongside the traditional Christmas tree. It’s a twist on birthday decorations that will make anyone with a Christmas birthday feel special.

This idea came to me after seeing gorgeous variations to traditional Christmas trees on Pinterest.

My favorite birthday tree inspiration comes from:

non-traditional Christmas 'birthday trees' made from balloons, streamers, honeycomb and pompoms

1. | 2. | 3. |
4. | 5.

Hang a Birthday Stocking

I try to incorporate birthday decorations alongside Christmas decorations when it is possible. To add a little extra to the birthday morning celebration, I like to hang a birthday stocking. It’s just another way to draw attention to the birthday boy or girl!

This is the actual Christmas/Birthday stocking we have if you’d like to personalize your own:

purple cupcake Christmas birthday stocking

Make Christmas Morning Breakfast Special for a Christmas Birthday

Christmas morning is nuts – I’m just going to say it – especially if you have little kids in the house. But making breakfast special for someone with a Christmas birthday is pretty darn easy.

Kid’s Christmas Birthday Breakfast:

All you need is sprinkles. Yes, sprinkles!

Sprinkles elevates any sweet breakfast to birthday status without much forethought. AND nothing screams IT’S MY BIRTHDAY! like sprinkles.

Are pancakes or waffles on Christmas morning a family tradition? Add sprinkles and make them funfetti.

Are cinnamon rolls always in the oven while you’re unwrapping Christmas gifts? Shake on some sprinkles after drizzling them in icing.

No matter what sweet treat you eat on Christmas morning, there is a good chance sprinkles can turn it into a birthday tradition. Here’s some Christmas morning sprinkle inspiration to get you started:

celebrate a birthday breakfast with sprinkles

1. funfetti pancakes | 2. funfetti waffles | 3. French toast with sprinkles | 4. cinnamon rolls with sprinkles | 5. donuts with sprinkles | 6. donut holes with sprinkles | 7. toast with sprinkles aka ‘unicorn toast’ | 8. Poptarts with sprinkles | 9. funfetti muffins | 10. fruit or yogurt in waffle bowls with sprinkles | 11. overnight French toast casserole with sprinkles | 12. birthday cake granola with sprinkles | 13. mini ‘donut’ sprinkle cereal | 14. funfetti coffee cake | 15. funfetti scones

Adult Christmas Birthday Breakfast:

Don’t get me wrong, sprinkles aren’t just for kids. Go ahead and make a festive breakfast with sprinkles for any adult celebrating a Christmas birthday. BUT if you prefer, now is the time to bust out the mimosas, hot toddies, spiked hot chocolate and/or Irish coffees to start the celebration early.

For instructions for making a basket of mimosas for a group or my favorite help-yourself Hot Toddy basket, click on any of the pictures below to be taken to the full posts!

What are some Christmas birthday party themes?

Since my daughter’s birthday is Christmas Day, we’ve celebrated with both Christmas-themed birthday parties and even some traditional birthday parties.

Our favorite December birthday party themes are:

  • Peace on Earth
  • Winter Wonderland / Winter ONEderland
  • Sugar Plum Fairies
  • Pancakes & Pajamas
  • Woodland Winter
  • Frozen
  • Cocoa & Cupcakes
  • Lumberjack/Happy Camper
  • Cookie Decorating

If the person celebrating a Christmas birthday doesn’t mind a holiday-themed birthday party, I highly recommend my super-simple Peace on Earth birthday party.

Peace on Earth birthday theme for a December birthday

When should I celebrate a Christmas birthday?

For a Christmas birthday – or really any birthday between Christmas and New Year – you can choose to celebrate whenever your heart desires. Here are my thoughts on celebrating half birthdays, day-of celebrations and breaking up the birthday parties before and after Christmas.

Half birthdays

If your birthday falls on or around Christmas day, it’s totally logical that you’d want to celebrate your half birthday. It’s nothing I personally did though. For me, it never really felt like it was my day. But it’s an option!

Christmas Day Birthday Celebrations

As I said above, there are quite a few ways to celebrate a birthday on Christmas day. I have found that the easiest and most well-received ways are to: 1) designate a birthday chair away from the Christmas tree to open gifts 2) decorate a birthday tree and 3) add birthday sprinkles on breakfast and other sweet treats whenever possible throughout the day!

Before & After

Personally, I always celebrated my Christmas Eve birthday before AND after Christmas. It was a birthday month before a birthday month was a thing.

My dad’s birthday is the week before mine, so we always had a small family party on his birthday. My best friend’s birthday was in January, so we had a combined party with friends the month after Christmas.

Having a party after Christmas kept the birthday love flowing for a few more days. Plus, after the craziness of the holiday died down, more people were available (and looking for ways) to party in January.

What should I avoid when celebrating a Christmas (or December) birthday?

Okay, guys. If you are looking for ways to show someone with a Christmas birthday some love, you can do any and all of the things listed above, but please, please, please DO NOT do any of these things:

>> DO NOT combine birthday and Christmas gifts (unless it’s a really freaking huge gift, like say, a pony).

<< DO NOT wrap birthday gifts in Christmas wrapping paper. Nothing screams I forgot about your birthday than grabbing whatever wrapping paper is handy and not taking two seconds to wrap the gift in birthday wrapping paper.

>> DO NOT skip the cake. I know I know – the holidays aren’t good for anyone’s waistline. It’s easy to say you’ve overindulged and you can skip the cake. But seriously? Can’t the New Year’s diet wait until you’ve properly celebrated this Christmas birthday? I can’t think of another situation where you’d just not make a cake. EAT THE DAMN CAKE.

<< DO NOT skip a birthday meal. Most people celebrate with a big meal on Christmas and it’s understandable if you can’t squeeze in a whole other meal. But like I’ve harped above, it’s easy to bust out those birthday sprinkles at some point during the day. It’s usually easiest for breakfast, but try to designate one meal for the birthday meal, and adding sprinkles to pancakes batter or on top of cinnamon rolls is pretty convenient.

>> DO NOT forget to set a reminder! There ain’t no shame – set a reminder in your phone to prompt you to wish your loved one a happy birthday, especially if Christmas Day tends to be bonkers (which it always is).


I would LOVE to hear your thoughts on how you celebrate a Christmas birthday! If you have any ideas that should be added, please contact me.



More later! The craft room is calling, and I must go…


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