Custom ‘Irish I was a Little Bit Taller’ St. Patrick’s Day Gift {Tutorial}

Custom ‘Irish I was a Little Bit Taller’ St. Patrick’s Day Gift {Tutorial}

Check out my ‘IRISH’ I was a little bit taller St. Patrick’s Day t-shirt tutorial – perfect for making a custom gift for your little leprechaun this March!

In case you haven’t yet realized, I’m a sucker for a good lyrical pun when it comes to t-shirts for my kids.

After writing this post, I will FOR SURE have this Skee-lo song stuck in my head. I knew I needed to share this shirt concept right away so I wouldn’t be the only one mumbling the lyrics the rest of the day.

You’re welcome.

One Concept, Many Uses!

I had this idea for a shirt for a while, but as I started designing it and selecting graphics, I quickly realized this shirt will save me tons of time around the Christmas holiday.

This shirt could totally double as an elf shirt for Christmas. All you’d need to do is eliminate the word “Irish” and use “I wish”, change the colors to red and green, and switch-out the clover elf shoe-toppers for bells.

Christmas shirt – done.

Ok, back to March! You have to make this “IRISH I was a little bit taller” shirt. Seriously. Like right now.

Once I show you how easy it is, you’ll whip this puppy up in no time and your kid will be the most styling little person on the basketball court.

Because, ya know, deep down you want your kid to be a baller.

St. Patrick's Day t-shirt with the words "Irish I was a little bit taller"

So let’s get to it! Here’s how to make your own “Irish” I was a Little Bit Taller St. Patrick’s Day shirt:

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Step 1: Gather your supplies for this “IRISH” I was a little bit taller t-shirt

Step 2: Upload the svg to your Cricut Design Space 

I love this little power-house of a svg file! Like I said earlier, you can use this file again and again for anything leprechaun or elf-related.

I’m predicting a lot projects with this file come Christmas time. I’m sure you could modify the cauldron for something around Halloween too!

Anyway, here’s where to find the file and how to download and install it to Cricut Design Space:

  • Download the image to your device
  • Open Cricut Design Space and in a New Project, click on the Upload button on the left sidebar.
  • Click on the Upload Image button and then the Browse button to navigate to where you’ve saved your image.
  • Double click on the file
  • Add an image name and tags and click Save.
  • Now your image will be saved to Recently Uploaded Images under the Upload tab.
  • Click on your image and hit the “Insert Images” button, which will take you back to your canvas for further manipulation.

IRISH I was a little bit taller custom St. Patrick's Day t-shirt with leprechaun shoes

Step 3: Upload additional font in Cricut Design Space

Head over to and play around with endless font options. Or just use the ones I downloaded for this project: Tall Dark and Handsome and ChunkFive Ex.*

I especially love the ChunkFive Ex for St. Patrick’s Day shirts. I also used it for the custom Irish-themed Big Brother & Little Sister shirts I recently made. I just realized ChunkFive Ex reminds me of the Notre Dame font – maybe that’s why! Anyway –

Download directions:

  • Go to and search for “Tall Dark and Handsome” and “ChunkFive Ex” and click on the gray “download” button to the right of the font.
  • Once the zip files have completed their download to your computer, open the files and double-click on the TrueType font files to open them.
  • Then hit the “install” button at the top of the document.
  • Once the installs are complete, open Cricut Design Space and select your new fonts from the font drop-down menu. (If you are already working in Design Space, you’ll want to refresh it or log out and back in so you can see the new font selection).

*Always double-check the licensing for the fonts you download. I am using this font for personal use and will not be selling these shirts. However, there are plenty of completely free fonts on

Step 4: Design away!

You’ll want to manipulate the text and play around with spacing until you are satisfied with the way it looks in your tshirt template. Here’s what mine looked like:

Screen shot of Irish I was a Little Bit Taller custom St. Patrick's Day shirt

Step 5: Cut, weed and heat press your design as you would any other HTV project.

You’re in the home stretch now! I always feel like the design takes the most time while cutting, weeding and pressing is done in a flash, especially if you use Siser Easy Weed htv like I did for the orange font here.

Let me see your “IRISH I was a little bit taller” St. Patrick’s Day t-shirts!

So tell me – how did you make this design your own? I cannot wait to see what you come up with! Be sure to comment below if you have questions or tag me on Instagram with your final design.

More later, the craft room is calling and I must go…


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