Assemble the Perfect Moving Gift Basket in 5 Easy Steps

Assemble the Perfect Moving Gift Basket in 5 Easy Steps

Send a friend or family member off in style with a thoughtful and personalized moving gift basket. As always, my gift basket inspiration comes together quickly and without breaking the bank. Simply follow my 5 easy steps and assemble an effortless gift that looks like a million bucks!

moving gift basket

I feel like there is a phenomenon that occurs after college when it becomes super hard to make new girl friends. You have your high school friends, your college friends and work friends. But beyond that, finding and connecting with other women can be so hard.

It helps to have kids and meet other moms at the playground and school pick-up line. But even still, the likelihood of meeting another mom you click with AND coordinating your schedules to actually find time to hang out with kids is another challenge in itself.

The stars have to truly align.

So when I found out that one of my friends was packing up and moving to Florida, I was super bummed to say the least.

And what do I do when I don’t know what to do with myself in moments like these? I gift.

It was only natural for me to create a gift with sentimental elements to send her off.

If you find yourself in the same predicament – thinking to yourself:

How can I give a meaningful moving gift?

I’m here to help – check out my post below for lots of inspiration and links to some of the items I included in my latest moving gift basket.

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moving gift basket in 5 easy steps

5 Steps to Assembling the Perfect Moving Gift Basket

Step 1: Include Something for the New Home

I like to search for small items for my moving gift basket that can be put on display at their new home. That way, as they unpack and redecorate, they’ll have fresh pieces they can incorporate that will remind them of their previous home/town/friends.

For this moving gift basket, I chose a meaningful hand-painted sign from CountrysideCreateKY on Etsy. I made this particular basket for my friend, who was about to move again for her husband’s job – something she fully embraced every couple of years.

“Home is where ever I’m with you” struck a cord with me and seemed like a fitting message to see on a daily basis in their new home.

ceramic mug with the words "61615 Peoria, IL' and packed in bubble wrap

Step 2: Add Something They’ll Use Every Day

Another thing I love doing for a moving gift is including little items they can use every day.

Why do I love this so much? Because every day when they use that item – in this case a personalized zip code coffee mug – they’ll think of us and all the memories we share!

Other items you could include might be: state themed tea towels, pillows or trinket trays.

Step 3: Add Local Treats & Goodies for the Trip

I like to include snacks for the road/flight to their new home. But not just any snacks – snacks you could only get locally. I’ll pick up cookies, candies, popcorn, and other treats from the mom-and-pop shops around town. I know if I were to move, these are the little things I’d miss!

Step 4: Grab a Box & Some Bubble Wrap

No one packing needs one more gift bag. Make it easy on the recipients by building your gift basket with materials they can actually use to transport the gift to their new home.

I like to use sturdy cardboard boxes (secured with lots of packing tape). And instead of tissue paper, I’ll substitute bubble wrap as filler.

As soon as the gift is received, it can be packed right back up and stored away for the move!

free 'enjoy the journey' gift tag download and caramel/cheese popcorn mix

Step 5: Print My Free ‘Enjoy the Journey’ Gift Tag

Who doesn’t love a good monochromatic design? This tag literally goes with everything. So whatever you pick out in Steps 1-3, this tag will work for you!

Simply download the pdf, print it to white cardstock, and cut it out. Add a hole punch and some ribbon and wrapping is done!

More Moving Gift Inspiration

You guys! Here’s another quick moving gift if you want to give a smaller gift. My FREE ‘Stress Relief’ moving gift tag turns a simple roll of bubble wrap into a thoughtful moving gift in 2 minutes flat.

So will you be making your own version of this moving gift basket? I’d love to hear all about it! Leave me a comment below with all the details!

Then, head over to my Pinterest and Instagram accounts and follow me for gift ideas shared daily!


More later! The craft room is calling, and I must go…


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