‘Orange You Glad It’s Summer?’ Gift Basket & Free Gift Tag

‘Orange You Glad It’s Summer?’ Gift Basket & Free Gift Tag

Updated 5/2020 to include a free printable ‘Orange You Glad It’s Summer’ gift tag. Scroll down to download!

Picture this: it’s a few days before summer vacation, and I’m standing in line at the deli counter at my local grocery store. I’m waiting for the teenager behind the counter to call my number and am passing the time by having a lively debate with my three-year-old: what is more delicious cheddar or colby jack.

Then it hits me like a ton of bricks…



Crappity crap crap crap.

So what do I do? I dash around the store like a mad woman. That’s what.

'Orange You Glad It's Summer' gift tag and orange-themed gift basket

So Easy, Even a Child Could Do It

My son thought it was the perfect time to play “I spy” as he hung on to the shopping cart for dear life. (His timing is impeccable.)

“I SPY SOMETHING ORANGE” rang out loud and clear from this little human as we dashed down the wine aisle.

What did he spy? Mini cans of sangria.

My son is a genius.

And that my friends, is how this “Orange you glad it’s summer” gift basket was born.

This gift is literally so easy to put together, even a kid could do it.

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'Orange You Glad It's Summer' gift tag and orange-themed gift basket

“Orange You Glad It’s Summer” Gift Tags – 2 Ways

Option 1: My Free Download

Are you experiencing the same level of panic to get this gift done? Then simply download and print this free ‘Orange You Glad It’s Summer’ gift tag.

Add a whole punch and ribbon and call it done!

Option 2: Use Your Cricut

Maybe you are itching to dust off your Cricut instead? Here are a few tips to create an equally adorable gift tag:

I used this free svg I found as a result of a basic google search. Then I followed the same process I used for the custom yellow gift bag I made for my recent Little Bag of Sunshine project. I just love a good color theme for a custom gift! Can you tell?

Orange Themed Gift Inspiration

Here’s what I included in my “Orange You Glad It’s Summer” teacher appreciation gift basket:

But you don’t have to stop there! Here are some more ideas:

Orange themed gift inspiration

  1. Orange Wine Tumblers | 2. Citrus-shaped Ice Cube Trays | 3. Orange Slice Coasters | 4. Lolailo Sangria | 5. Orange Slice Cocktail Napkins

Beyond Teacher Gifts

This “Orange You Glad It’s Summer” gift isn’t limited to teachers! It would also be a great way to kick off the summer with your kids (by swapping the wine for fun orange outdoor toys, of course)!

Who would you like to give this gift to?

Will you be making this “Orange you glad it’s summer” gift basket?

I’d love to see how you customize it to make it your own!

And don’t forget – head over to my Pinterest and Instagram accounts and follow me for gift ideas shared daily!


More later! The craft room is calling, and I must go…

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