‘Popping By’ Popcorn Gift with Free Printable Gift Tag

‘Popping By’ Popcorn Gift with Free Printable Gift Tag

Isn’t it great to have a simple and easy go-to gift that fits nearly any occasion? (And maybe even for no occasion at all?)

My ‘Popping By’ popcorn gift is just that – a gift that can be given at a moment’s notice yet looks completely pulled-together. Dress up any bag of your favorite popcorn with my free ‘popping by’ popcorn-themed gift tag for a simple gift on the fly!

popcorn gift with 'popping by to say hello. We miss you so!' gift tag

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My Go-To Gift Since…Forever

For as long as I can remember my family has been giving popcorn from our local popcorn shop as gifts.

Nearly any time a family member came to visit our hometown, we stocked up on our favorite popcorn. We not only had a big bag of buttery popcorn to share while talking late into the night, but we also picked up bags as parting gifts for the journey home (with extra napkins for cheesy fingers of course).

Towns Big or Small – Support Local!

The tradition (or addiction) to local popcorn shops followed me from my small town to the big city. Even in Chicago, I always made sure visitors got their popcorn fix and parting gift from places like Garrett Popcorn and Nuts on Clark.

It doesn’t matter if you prefer sweet or savory treats – popcorn satisfies any craving – so it’s the perfect gift for pretty much anyone.

It’s even great for most special diets (gluten-free, sugar-free, nut-free) depending on the variety you chose. Like I said, popcorn is the perfect go-to gift!

moving gift basket

Stand Alone Gift or Added to a Basket

Sometimes you just want to give a little something for no reason. Popcorn makes a great ‘just because’ or ‘thinking of you gift‘ because it’s no fuss!

But sometimes I like making popcorn-themed gifts or including popcorn treats into a larger gift basket. Really, the possibilities are endless.

popcorn gift with 'popping by to say hello. We miss you so!' gift tag

Popcorn Gift Tag – Free Printable Download

For this post though, I’ve created a free printable gift tag for a ‘just because’ popcorn gift. All you need is:

Your Favorite Popcorn | My Free Gift Tag | Ribbon | White Cardstock | Scissors | Hole Punch | A Home Printer

Other Thoughtful ‘Just Because’ Gifts

If you love the concept of this popcorn gift, check out this whole post dedicated to thoughtful neighbor gifts – each with its own free printable tag!

neighbor gifts

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