Relaxation Gift Basket for Mom on the 1st Day of School (or any day)

Relaxation Gift Basket for Mom on the 1st Day of School (or any day)

Last Updated July 2020

Nothing helps ease the anxiety of sending kids to school for the first time more than this relaxation gift basket for mom! Today’s post includes customizable gift basket inspiration and a free “You’ve Got This” gift tag – perfect for easy gifts for moms and teachers alike!

Okay, first-time mom, breathe. You’ve got this! I know from experience there are few things that tug at a mom’s heartstrings quite like the first day of school – whether that means the first day of daycare, preschool, kindergarten, or heck, even college!

Give the gift of relaxation to a mom on the first day of school. Build your own relaxation gift basket for mom using the suggestions found at

I should know, although my son is only four, he has been enrolled in a part-time preschool program for the last two years. As summer comes to an end, I find myself desperately counting down the days until he goes back to preschool one minute, and the next, dissolving into a puddle of emotions as I realize my little man will be heading to kindergarten all day, five days a week next year.

Meanwhile, my husband looks at me like I am crazy during these emotional episodes. Truth be told, it’s probably with good reason. I know I look like a frazzled mess when he gets home from work, and I push the kids off on him so I can run and hide make dinner, fold laundry or type-up my latest blog post.

But I know I am not alone as I struggle with these emotions. So many of my fellow mom friends are a hotbed of emotions this time of year as they prepare for school. Do not even get me started on the moms who are sending their kids to school for the very first time!

When I run into these friends and hear the anxiety in their voices, I can not help myself; I automatically start thinking of little treats to help them cope with their baby’s* first day.

*also known as the toddler, teen or college-bound 1st born

The Relaxation Gift Basket Mom on the First Day of School

I put together a relaxation gift basket for one of my dearest friends. She talks often and openly about dealing with the spectrum of emotions she’s working her way through as she prepares for the first day of school for her little one.

Give the gift of relaxation to a mom on the first day of school. Build your own relaxation gift basket for mom using the suggestions found at

The greatest thing about this gift basket: it is so versatile!

The basics in this basket (scroll down for the links to my favorites) can be used for any occasion – Mother’s Day, birthdays, baby showers – not just the first day of school.

Once you’ve included the basics in your gift basket, now it’s time to add hand-picked goodies specifically for the first day of school.

The Gift Basket Basics

Give the gift of relaxation to a mom on the first day of school. Build your own relaxation gift basket for mom using the suggestions found at

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For the mom fighting back tears:

For instant relaxation:

Customize Your Basket for the First Day of School

These gift basket additions are especially good for kids that might be feeling a little anxiety about going to school for the first time – that feeling isn’t just reserved for mama!

relaxation gift basket for mom

A little comfort for mom & kid:


No gift basket is complete without a cute little gift tag! And have I got a multipurpose one for you today! Just like this gift basket, the “You’ve Got This” gift tag I created can be used for almost any occasion.

And, if you don’t want to make a full-blown gift basket, this handy little tag can be thrown on a bottle of wine for a quick gift made to look polished in minutes. Use this gift tag for all sorts of gifts!

To make it your own:

Click here or below for this “You’ve Got This” gift tag, download it and print it on any color card stock. Next, use your trusty hole punch and add some satin ribbon and you’re done!

Added bonus: there is no need to even bother tying the perfect bow. Check out the casual way I strung my gift tag around the bottle of wine in my gift basket. It literally does not get any easier!

Download this tag now!

Here’s a no-strings-attached link to the gift tag PDF I made specifically for this Relaxation Gift Basket for Mom:

And While You’re At It…Print One for the Teacher Too!

Remember how I said this was a gift tag you can use for all sorts of occasions and recipients? Why not print an extra tag and grab another bottle of while? But this time, present it to your child’s teacher! If there is anything your child’s teacher may need to help unwind after a crazy first day, it’s a bottle of wine. Trust me.

bottle of wine with a "You've got this" gift tag


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