2-Minute Stress Relief Moving Gift with Free Printable Gift Tag

2-Minute Stress Relief Moving Gift with Free Printable Gift Tag

My FREE ‘Stress Relief’ moving gift tag turns a simple roll of bubble wrap into a thoughtful moving gift in 2 minutes flat.

So, grab some bubble wrap, a ribbon and this gift tag, and get ready to give a great gift!

roll of bubble wrap tied with a ribbon and a "pop for instant stress relief" gift tag

Stress Relief or Packing Material? You Decide!

What do you see when you look at a sheet of bubble wrap?

Does the sight of it make you want to pop every bubble with vigor? Or are you more practical and actually see it for its intended purpose?

That’s the beauty of this gift. For the person who just wants to POP IT, this would be a nice little stress reliever while packing for a big move.

Or for a practical packer, this roll of bubble wrap would come in hand in a pinch.

Grab a larger roll of bubble wrap for twice the stress relief or twice the stockpile of moving supplies.

roll of bubble wrap tied with a ribbon and a "pop for instant stress relief" gift tag

Saying Goodbye is Always Hard

Saying goodbye is always hard, but Coronavirus isn’t making it any easier. Normally I’d offer to pitch-in with packing or at least offer to watch my friends’ kids while they are packing.

But with Coronavirus and Illinois’ continued stay-at-home orders, that is not an option right now.

My friend is scheduled to move at the end of May, so I don’t think there will be an opportunity to help. The least I can do is bring a smile to her face and let her know I’m thinking about her even though I’m not able to physically help with the move.

In this case, it truly is the thought that counts!

If you’ve like to make this quick and easy moving gift, read on!

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roll of bubble wrap tied with a ribbon and a "pop for instant stress relief" gift tag

2-Minute Stress Relief Gift — Free Moving Gift Tag Download

I promised this is a 2-minute project, and I’m not exaggerating! The only supplies you need for this project are:

white cardstock | hole punch | ribbon | bubble wrap

Print this free moving gift tag, hole punch it, and tie it to a roll of bubble wrap. Now, go deliver it!

More Moving Gifts – Coming Soon!

I’m also currently working on a moving gift basket for this friend. She’s not simply moving across town – she’s moving out of state. So I want to get her a little something to remember her time in Central Illinois.

I’ll have the moving gift basket posted soon, and I promise to include a brand new farewell gift tag. Stay tuned for the free ‘enjoy the journey’ gift tag download!

Another moving gift (from the perspective of a child) will also be posted asap. I’ll be posting another free gift tag download for that as well!

So many moving gifts – so little time!


Porch presents aren’t just for moving (though it feels like that’s all I’ve been leaving lately). If you need some more inspiration for gifts to leave during the Coronavirus pandemic, check out my full post of Thoughtful Neighbor Gifts.

Each includes a totally FREE printable gift tags to make finishing the gift super easy!

neighbor gifts

Then, head over to my Pinterest and Instagram accounts and follow me for gift ideas shared daily!


More later! The craft room is calling, and I must go…


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