Throw an Epic Volcano Birthday Party (includes free tutorials)

Throw an Epic Volcano Birthday Party (includes free tutorials)

Holy whirl-wind of a week! The beginning of July has been crazy! Not only did we observe the 4th of July with proper American gusto, but we also celebrated our son’s 4th birthday in spectacular fashion with a volcano birthday party!

As my son’s birthday approached, I asked him what kind of party he wanted. I completely expecting his response to be something generic like “race cars” or “pirates.” Why in heaven’s name would I think I could have possibly gotten off so easy with an off-the-shelf, generic theme?

Oh no, little man had other plans.

“A volcano birthday party” rolled off his tongue so quickly I was sure he hadn’t given it much thought and would change to some other theme (any other theme, I beg of you!) in a matter of days. I figured I could sway him to consider something easier like dinosaurs – it’s pretty close, right?

Volcano birthday party ideas, including a volcano cake with M&M "lava", dinosaur decorations, volcano party hats, dinosaur t-shirts and menu ideas at

But no. Days later, he was still insisting on a volcano birthday party, not dinosaurs, thankyouverymuch.

So I figured it was time to put on my big-girl pant and party-planning hat (it makes for a great outfit, I tell you) and pull some volcano birthday party ideas together.

I did manage to cheat a little and threw dinosaurs into the mix as long as I promised volcanoes would be heavily featured. Who knew negotiating with a soon-to-be four-year-old would be so difficult?!

SO a volcano birthday party he got – from the cake to a giant volcano made from kraft paper wrapped gifts. Here is the entire prehistoric, volcano-themed birthday party for your viewing pleasure:

Volcano Birthday Party Ideas

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Simple Party Entrance

Volcano birthday party "Volcano Bash" entrance sign with prehistoric ferns and dinosaur accents from

In case any of our guests missed the memo on the theme, I thought I would spell it out for them as soon as they crossed the threshold. A little “VOLCANO BASH” letter board welcomed everyone to the party and was flanked by plastic dinosaur figurines, ferns and greenery.

Pre-made Dinosaur Banner and Volcano Table-top Decorations

Volcano birthday party T-rex Happy Birthday banner with volcano birthday present pile

I love a good DIY project – and trust me, as you scroll down you will see quite a few – but I also love quality, out-of-the-box decorations that can give me a bit of a breather from making absolutely everything by hand.

The T-rex banner set I purchased from Amazon is currently out of stock (as of 5/2020), but this equally adorable dinosaur party decorations set would also be a great addition to any handmade decorations for your volcano-themed party.

I also purchased these cute little volcano centerpiece and 6 paper table-top dinosaurs on Amazon.

dinosaur and volcano decorations from

Dinosaur Banner Set | Volcano Table-top Decorations

A Volcano of Presents!

How to make a Volcano birthday party present volcano using brown kraft paper, red curling ribbon and white tissue paper and the tutorial at

At the urging of my son, I still needed more volcanoes! So I dreamed-up this volcano of gifts using brown kraft paper, a white tissue pom-pom, red curling ribbon, plastic dinosaurs and fake greenery.

The picture is pretty self-explanatory, but if you have any questions about how I pulled this together, leave me a comment below!

Volcano-themed Gifts

Volcano Birthday Party Volcano and dinosaur gift ideas at

And what is inside of all those kraft paper-wrapped gifts, you ask?

Here are my favorite volcano and/or dinosaur-related gifts my son received for his birthday:

Handmade Party Decor

How to make a Volcano Birthday Party prehistoric leaf table runner using stencils, green acrylic paint, brown kraft paper and the tutorial at

Back to decor…

On a recent trip to Hobby Lobby, I snagged a giant leaf stencil in their clearance section. They no longer have the one I used in stock, but this fern leaf stencil would make an equally-cute motif!

I had never stenciled anything before, but I thought I could do something with it for the party.

Then it came to me: I figured I should probably cover the granite island where all the food would be in our kitchen. I grabbed a roll of brown kraft paper (I always have a ton on hand), rummaged around in my green acrylic paints and set to work stenciling a table covering for the party.

I did not cover the entire surface of the kraft paper with the stenciled leaves and left plenty of blank space. Once we set out all the food, we wrote directly on the kraft paper with a black sharpie to label each food item (see below).

Volcano Birthday Party food including dinosaur-shaped watermelon at

I didn’t photograph all the food, but here are a few super easy ideas you can recreate in no time.

For what we called “Dino Fruit,” I first sliced a watermelon into 1″ rounds and then used metal dinosaur cookie cutters to make the cutest shapes.

Volcano Birthday Party food - including a Herbivore's Spread and palm tree-shaped vegetable tray - at

My lovely mother-in-law also took the time to make palm trees out of carrots and green peppers. This was a total surprise! But I just loved the way it added some character to the “Herbivore’s Spread” (aka the veggie and dip platter).

You Can’t Have a Volcano Party without a Volcano Cake!

Volcano Birthday Party chocolate volcano bundt cake with M&M lava flow at

Okay, this cake just happens to be my all-time favorite idea for the volcano birthday party.

My son requested a chocolate cake with chocolate icing. (How could I deny the most perfect cake combination?)

So…I dusted off my favorite pan (similar to this bundt pan) and whipped-up my family’s go-to chocolate cake recipe from Add a Pinch. It is hands-down the best cake recipe ever. And while you’re at it, make Robyn’s Chocolate Buttercream. If I could, I’d request this cake as part of my last meal. It’s. That. Good.

Volcano Birthday Party chocolate volcano bundt cake with M&M lava flow at

Instead of making a layer cake like we usually do, I put the cake batter in a bundt pan and baked it for about 35 minutes, let it cool, and then slathered it in buttercream.

Next, I grabbed some red and orange candy melts, melted them down in the microwave and then poured it over the chocolate icing to make a lava-like affect.

Step-by-step guide to making your very own Volcano Birthday Party chocolate volcano bundt cake with M&M lava flow at

Lastly, I broke open a 42oz party-size bag of M&M’s and separated out all the red and orange candies. The things we do for our kids, amIright?

Then I filled the center of the bundt cake with those M&M’s.

Once we sang “Happy Birthday,” we sliced this sucker up and watched the lava (aka M&M) flow!

Volcano Party Hats

Volcano Birthday Party erupting volcano party hat made from brown kraft paper and red, orange and yellow crepe paper streamers with green rictac trim at

And we can’t forget party hats! I actually got this suggestion from on of my Instagram followers when I asked for help with ideas for the volcano theme. One sheet of brown cardstock, green ric rac, and orange, yellow and red crepe paper streamers were the only materials you need to make your own volcano party hat!

Volcano Birthday Party T-Rex eating the number 4 birthday boy shirt made with a Cricut Explore Air 2 at

Dinosaur Birthday T-shirts

Now let’s talk shirts – because it’s always so fun to use my Cricut Explore Air2! In case you haven’t noticed, I love making t-shirts using my Cricut. You can jump over to any one of my t-shirt tutorials like this Disney t-shirt tutorial and follow the instructions to make your own.

I purchased this Birthday Dinosaur SVG file from CrazyCraftLadyCo on Etsy.

And I purchased the below sis-a-saurus svg from an Etsy shop that is no longer open (as of 5/2020), but this file is pretty close from AirNikkiBoutique on Etsy.

The kids went nuts for these shirts!

Volcano Birthday Party sis-asaurus birthday girl shirt made with a Cricut Explore Air 2 at

So that’s it – the complete Volcano Birthday Party roundup!

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty warn out after such a busy start to the month!

If you end up trying any of these ideas for your own volcano birthday party, I’d love to hear what you think!

Head over to my Pinterest and Instagram accounts and follow me for gift ideas shared daily!

Throw a volcano birthday party with a chocolate volcano cake, a 'volcano' pile of presents, volcano party hats and tropical leaf stencils


More later! The craft room is calling, and I must go…


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