World’s Best Grandpa Gift Box & Free Gift Tag Printable

World’s Best Grandpa Gift Box & Free Gift Tag Printable

Today’s post is full of inspiration for compiling a “World’s Best Grandpa” gift box for Father’s Day (or any time you want to show grandpa some love)!

Spoiler alert: We have the best grandpas on the face of the planet. Seriously. In the whole entire world! Both of my children are so lucky to have two sets of very involved grandparents.

It’s no surprise that I feel the need to honor grandparents by putting together thoughtful gifts from the kids.

But, if you asked our grandpas what they’d like for Father’s Day, I’m sure both would answer the same way – to just spend the day with their kids and grandkids. That’s what makes shopping for these guys so hard!

The Gift of Relaxation

I knew I’d need to dig deep to come up with a gift for our hard-to-shop-for grandpas. We spent the last few days running around town in an effort to collect some of our grandpas’ favorite things to make customized “World’s Best Grandpa” gift boxes.

You really can’t go wrong with the gift of relaxation. I just did the same thing for Mother’s Day and it was such a hit, I knew I needed to make them for the men in our lives!

Read on below for all the goodies we included in our Grandpa Gift Baskets…

Grandpa Gift Box for Father's Day, including flip-flops, dad jokes book, and custom can cooler

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World’s Best Grandpa Gift Box Essentials:

1) A cold one (or six)

The men in my life are not fancy when in comes to beers. No fruity flavors, no extra hops.

Around here, you can’t go wrong with a Sam Adams, a Guinness or a home brew.

If your dad loves a good quality ale as much as ours do, and you are considering beers in your customized gift box, grab my free Sip! Sip! Hooray! It’s Father’s Day tag printable and tie one on (pun intended) for the perfect finishing touch.

Father's Day gift tag free download and six pack of beer

2) Comfy flip flops

When it comes to comfort, it starts with footwear: slippers in the winter, and flip flops in the summer. These Reef’s do not disappoint. Holy crap, they are comfortable!

I scored these Contoured Cushion Flip Flops by Reef at my local DSW, but my husband and I are also big fans of Sanuk flip flops, which you can order on Amazon (we’d recommend sizing-up a 1/2 size though).

3) Snacks

Both grandpas have a big sweet tooth, but in place of candies that can melt or get sticky in the heat of the summer, I included packages of Ferris Craft Beer Mix.

If you need a gluten-free option, I’ve also included popcorn in custom gift boxes in the past, and it’s always well-received.

Grandpa Gift Box for Father's Day, including flip-flops, dad jokes book, and custom can cooler

4) Books

More often than not, my kids help me pick out a book to include with gifts to the grandparents. They are typically books my kids want to read with their grandparents. Once given as part of a gift, these books stay at their grandparents’ houses for them to read together when they visit.

Some of the books we’ve given in the past include How to Babysit a Grandpa (and Grandma), And the Good Brown Earth (for the grandparents who love to garden),and Should I Share My Ice Cream (for the ice cream-obsessed grandpa in our lives).

But for this Father’s Day, I found this 101 So Bad They’re Good Dad Jokes on Amazon and knew I needed to get it, especially for my dad. He is the King of Corny Dad Jokes.

I know I’ll regret getting him this book, as he will recite these terrible jokes repeatedly over coming years. But hey, it’ll bring a smile to his face! And isn’t that the goal of Father’s Day after all?

5) Something hand-made

I know those of you who follow my blog will find this shocking, but I’m a serial crafter. I can’t help but put a bit of personalization here and there! For this “World’s Best Grandpa” gift box, it was only fitting to include that phrase somewhere, and a coozie seemed logical (see Item #1).

Give this World's Best Grandpa Gift Box and find inspiration for compiling a customized box at

This is totally optional, but if you’d like to include a personalized beer coozie in your “World’s Best Grandpa” gift box, I used the exact same process I routinely use for any heat transfer vinyl (htv) project. For complete htv process tutorials, check out any of these posts:

How to Make Your Own “World’s Best Grandpa” Can Coozie

Give this World's Best Grandpa Gift Box and find inspiration for compiling a customized box at


As I said before, you can follow any of the tutorials I’ve previously posted for designing and adhering htv to t-shirts, onesies or even paper bags. The process is the exact same, just use the fonts listed above if you want the overall look to mirror mine.

*Always double-check the licensing for the fonts you download. I am using these fonts for personal use and will not be selling these coozies for profit. 

I’d love to see your coozie creations! Leave me any questions or comments in the section below.


More later! The craft room is calling, and I must go…


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